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Fuel system leak

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Hi all, as title says, “large fuel leak detected”, with the engine management light on. The car is a previa mk2 2lt d4d. I’m having difficult getting info on the net. There obviously not that many previas about. The cars cutting out but drivable intermittently, if that makes sense. Once the car has warmed up the issue arises more frequently. Is there a recommended fault finding procedure? Thanks.

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37 minutes ago, Peter perfect said:

“large fuel leak detected”

To my mind, receiving such a message, I'd be looking for a pool of fuel under the car, but I assume you've already had a look, as well as looking for anything obvious in the engine bay.

Could it be that the ecu is picking up a varying fuel pressure somewhere in the system, and this message is the best it can do to describe the problem.  Varying fuel pressure might account for the cutting out?  Sorry, best I can do, as i've no knowledge of the Previa.

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