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2012 Mk3 Toyota Yaris 1.0l vvti Clutch biting point.

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Hello Everyone,  I have been looking for a good used Toyota yaris but cannot make a best decision on what to buy. Fuel prices are going off the chart and I want good mpg and reliability,  I recently test drove a Mk3 2012 Toyota yaris 1.0 vvt-i lovely car nice to drive but after 20 plus years of driving felt like I needed to fit some (L plates) never managed to stall the vehicle but could not get used to the high biting clutch position, has anyone else had this problem with this model and is the mk2 the same?

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Hey, I just bought the 2012 Yaris 1l and I feel like the biting point is a bit higher than a couple of other cars I drove (just family/friends cars) but I think its easy to get used to after a while. I dont think its a problem but this is my first car so take that with a tablespoon of salt! I just happen to stall it a sometimes (still a leaner and traffic sometimes puts pressure on me lol). Hope that helps

Point to note though, Ive only been getting around 7-7.5l/100km on this with mostly city driving. Not sure how that compares to your current car. I was expecting at least 6l/100km but I guess I was wrong. 

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