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Toyota Blade Master G

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Hi, I can't seem to find any information or threads relating to my model of car so i thought i'd post my daft purchase. 

In 2007 toyota went a little crazy and decided to shoehorn a 3.5 litre 2grfe into a Toyota Auris, throw in some lexus luxury and call it the blade.

The result is a 280bhp 344nm hilarious monster sleeper with great tuning capability.

I've already bought few go faster goodies for it, hks speed limit remover, bc v1 coilovers, exhaust cutout kit, and a hks supercharger kit for it from japan (alphard kit) that'll need modifying so hopefully it'll be over 350bhp soon if i can find a standalone ecu that works with the u660e auto transmission. 

I'm going for a silent killer approach with it with absolutely no external mods, apart from the lightweight weds wheels and a tiny bit lower.










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The Blade and Blade Master were only sold new in the Japanese Domestic Market. The Blade came with a 2.4 litre engine and the Master, as you said, a 3.5 litre engine.

In the UK, Blades and Blade Masters are grey imports.

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Welcome Ross,

'eck...that is certainly a beast of a "sleeper"...!

Makes the 220bhp of my V6 Estima seem a little underpowered...lol

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