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Maf data for 2009 Auris 1.3 dual vvti.

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Does anyone know what the maf figures in gms/sec should be for  my 2009 Auris 1.3, petrol , dual vvti should be.

I'm getting;-  idle - 1.43 g/s  /  1000 revs    1.92 g/s  /  2000 revs   3.46 g/s   / 3000 revs 5.56 g/s   from live data on my OBD2 reader ,at normal engine operating temperature. 

Every 200 miles I get a fault code  for O2 bank 1 sensor 2   - electric circuit,  and once I got a lean mixture fault code. 

The O2 sensors are both new. Some guides say idle maf rate should be 2 - 7 gms/sec at tickover , going up to 15-25 g/s at 2500 revs .   

If this is true the maf sensor is miles out and probably resulting in an under fuelled engine.

It returned 49mpg on a 700 mile round trip recently which is ok in my opinion.  

I'm thinking the Maf sensor is on the way out !

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Toyota's quoted inspection:

  1. Perform the MAF meter inspection according to the procedures below.
  2. Only replace the MAF meter when the MAF value in the DATA LIST (with the engine stopped) is not within the normal operating range or there is foreign matter on the MAF meter platinum hot wire (heater).


  1. Read the value using the intelligent tester (MAF).


    1. Perform the inspection with the vehicle indoors and on a level surface.
    2. Perform the inspection of the MAF meter while it is installed to the air cleaner case (installed to the vehicle).
    3. During the test, make sure that an exhaust air duct is not drawing air from the exhaust pipe.


    1. Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

    2. Turn the ignition switch to ON (do not run the engine).

    3. Turn the intelligent tester main switch on.

    4. Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Engine and ECT / Data List / MAF.

    5. Wait 30 seconds, and read the values on the intelligent tester.


      Standard Condition:
      Tester Display Condition Standard Condition
      1. Engine not running
      2. 30 seconds after ignition switch is turned to ON
      Below 0.29 g/sec.
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Thanks for that!

Exactly what I'm looking for.

I have bought and  fitted a new MAF. Its readings are higher than the old one.

I'm going to test the new one by the method you have sent me .   



Charles mc t

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The new MAF sensor shows a rock solid 0.23 gms / sec when tested as per the TOYOTA  method.  So I know now my new Maf sensor is in good working order.

I'll be doing a 750 mile round trip soon so I will see  if  B1S2  O2 sensor is still unhappy. 



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