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Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride?

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Just an observation in that the 2 litre hybrids have a Nickel Metal Hydride Battery and the 1.8 a Lithium Ion, is there a reason for that and if so is one better than the other. All of Lexus have a Nickel Metal Hydride for example 

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Does it really matter when the hybrid Battery can have up to 15 years warranty.

According to the current C-HR brochure both engine options on that vehicle use lithium ion batteries. 


C-HR battery info.jpg

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Li+ is better in the sense that it's lighter and has more capacity than an equivalent NiMH, but also costs like 3-5 times as much.

NiMH also has less environmental impact as it uses common materials that are more readily available and less toxic. Also is less firey :laugh: 

Li+ is king on EVs as it's their only source of energy so they have to have the most energy-dense cells possible.

With hybrids the capacity apparently doesn't matter (Case in point - Mk3 Yaris has a 1.3kWh battery; Mk4 Yaris has a 0.7kWh Battery, but Mk4 Yaris easily beats Mk3 Yaris for mpg!) so NiMH still makes a lot of sense, esp. since its main weakness (The 'memory effect') can be managed by the ECU to not happen.


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2023 all hybrids variants will come with entirely new lithium batteries lighter and with greater capacity for more enhanced ev experience and lower fuel consumption. 18kg total weight reduction per unit. 👍 Not bad. 2024-2025 some Toyota hybrid models will be offered with upcoming solid state Battery, something that according to some rumours Toyota has a marginal lead over anyone else in the business. 😉👌

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I really want to see if the solid-state batteries deliver or whether it's all hype.

Could a (truly and not lab) 300+ mile range EV Yaris be closer than we think???


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