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What is this?

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6 hours ago, Sameeeee said:

What this battery called ?


That "Battery" is the HV pack main fuse  or service plug

Replacement is G3834-48010


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Only replace once, if it blows again have it checked out or you run the risk of a more expensive repair.

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Let me tell you a story. My (late BIL) came to visit us one Sunday in a Volvo 340. He complained his wipers had stopped working. We had lunch and I had a look after. He didn't have the manual or any kind of guidance. I discovered a 10A fuse had blown and after measurements with a multimeter could see there was less than 10A going through it. I replaced the fuse and gave him a 20A in case it rained on the way home and it happened again, telling him to get it checked out. Of course he didn't.

Couple of weeks later he was on the 'phone having a right old go at me. Turns out, the 10A fuse I fitted blew soon after leaving, so he fitted the 20A, which got him home.

Some time later, he was on a dual carriageway, when the partial short circuit in the heated driver's seat burnt a hole in the seat, trousers and RRRs, You can't stand up at 70! It was all my fault, of course.

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Fuse for all wipers is 20 amps an my old 2000 Yaris.

Maybe you have 2 electrical faults.

Seat heater has its own thermostat but its not ajustable but can still fail to operate.

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