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Reversed polarity...What a mess


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Long story short. The top Battery pack got connected wrong and probably even shorted to ground in the process as burn marks visible on the metal Battery cage.

After P3004/131 high voltage power resource error I had the Inverter replaced and now getting these two instead.

P0A09 - DC/DC Converter Status Circuit Low Input

P0AE6 - Hybrid Battery Precharge Contactor Control Circuit Low

Also the hybrid battery fan comes on high speed the second I press the start button which I don't recall was the case back when the car was running OK.

I suppose it's probably good news as the Inveter swap seems to have made some difference but there is something else that needs doing.

All fuses are OK in all 5 fuse boxes

Battery in the boot fully charged

I suspect the HV Power Management ECU is fried but I am not sure which box that actually is.

Can anybody help me narrow it down?

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That would be great mate. I've failed looking for a part number but already ordered the box that sits underneath the driver's seat. 

Not sure if that is the power management one but seems to be connected to a big terminal that seems to be carrying some serious voltage. 

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Doesn't look like there is a power manglement ecu, only conclusion i can come to is it part of the HV control ECU,  AHR20, 89981-28050

is it possible that it hasn't been plugged in to the DC-DC convertor ?


I'm hunting for wiring information but not having much luck

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The inverter converter unit under the hood is all connected up. 

I've got this on order now. Not sure this is relevant? 



I suppose there is a chance the inverter converter assembly i bought is also faulty... 

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