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Hi guys, I've just got a eBay V18 techsteam bundle and found it very slow and laggy, laptop is a 64bit win10 , i5, 8gb ram, 1tb hybrid hhd , just wondering how does yours perform either official or copy .

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42 minutes ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

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Thank you , 👍

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Laggy ?? The software takes time to connect to the car and time to enter each mode/test you are going from USB > serial RS232  > CanBus and back you can get 20-30 seconds delay with some operations

that's what you get with a cloned tool, the VX diag interface is much better but at 5x the cost, use a Bosch or Autel VCI, and it runs well, but you're at £500+ the latest Toyota VIM is a VCI TS3-ETH what's about £1800 plus vat and anything up to £5-6K for a full setup with a new Panasonic FZ-55

8gb of ram and hybrid HDD doesn't help matters


*awaits the - it runs better on xp/7 comments

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Seriously, Techstream is slow, and it takes seconds to refresh live data, or close a menu, etc...

I think the power of your laptop has nothing to do with it, bottleneck seems to be the USB cable/interface. Try uninstalling the antivirus, mine acted like a parasite...

I bought both software and lead from a British eBay seller for about £50 and I'm very happy (seller seems to have sold +850 items)


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