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2022 hilux cracked widowscreen


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I have a Toyota hilux that I was driving hit a small pothole and the front screen started to crack and eventually was completely across the screen I got home and contacted my insurance company for a replacement,the wheels were put in motion and to cut a long story short there are no screens available in the hole of Europe I have been informed that the earliest time I will get a screen will be in six weeks time. The vehicle has already been off the road for two weeks.
Looking at the forums online, there does seem to be a problem with this issue yet. Nothing has come forward regarding warranty claims.
I have now been in contact with toyota direct and phoned them many times as I now have a vehicle that I can no longer use for work, and considering the amount of time I’m expected to wait for a replacement screen, I would expect a replacement vehicle
Unfortunately, nothing can be done until I take my vehicle into my local Toyota dealer. For inspection I don’t think this will miraculously make a windscreen appear.
The vehicle is booked in for Tuesday for inspection, but a broken screen and the unavailability of it will not change But I am now driving a vehicle to a dealership, which I don’t think is now structurally the same as it was, but unless it is inspected Toyota will not consider any form of replacement vehicle, and it is also not in their policy to supply a vehicle whilst waiting parts
I do think a replacement screen is very much wear a tear item and to have no availability for its replacement on a vehicle less than two years old costing £45,000 is pretty bad. I owned many land Rovers before buying my Hilux, as the reliability of them was pretty poor, but a replacement vehicle was always in place

My vehicle has now been in to the dealership and they have confirmed it is a stress fracture which is covered under warranty, I am tracking back when this fault was first discovered on other vehicles and so far I have found that this was a problem before I purchased my vehicle and I think that Toyota has supplied me a vehicle that was not fit for purpose in the beginning.
I have phoned Toyota GB again today but they are awaiting a report from the dealership ( they could just pick up the phone to get this information as I have already)I have been without a vehicle for nearly 3 weeks so far and am pretty disappointed that Toyota has dropped the ball in such a big way that surely someone must have notice the vast amount of windshields required was not normal and the fact none are even being produced (information from major windshield suppliers).
I will keep you updated on the progress I’m also posting this on other platforms for response

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A quick update Toyota are now arranging a replacement Hilux for me to use until mine is repaired. I think this is all down to my very helpful Inchcape Toyota Guildford dealership.

after finding out various issues with The windscreen problem, I hope Toyota do more than just replace the screen as some vehicles are already on their third screen within a year

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I also have a 2022 Hilux which has a 3 inch long repair to the windscreen under the wipers. I only noticed it when I was cleaning the screen a week or so after taking delivery. I immediately contacted my dealership and asked them about it and they said they knew nothing about it, I also took it back and showed them and they just shrugged their shoulders! I did some investigating online and found that it is an issue with this model with lots of owners like you saying theirs cracked after going through a pot hole or due to chassis flex when off road. At the time there were no replacement screens available so I am horrified and amazed that this is still the case. 2 years on and my screen has not got any worse, sounds like I need to keep my fingers crossed. I guess I should have demanded a new screen as soon as one was available, as you said, when you spend £45,000 you don't expect to pick a brand new vehicle up with a windscreen that has been repaired!

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