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Excess oil pressure


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Hi folks,

Any help greatly appreciated, i recently bought a 1994 hilux surf with a 1kz-te 3.0l engine, and am in the middle of a restoration project, I have stripped the engine down and bought lots of new parts ( turbo, water pump, alternator, glow plugs, injectors etc etc etc ). Bought a new head ( had a costly accident when reassembling the old one ) and reassembled the engine. And it fired up first time. But I have excess oil pressure, and it’s pouring out the intake valve on the back on the rocker cover and straight into the turbo. I put a bottle on to see how much was coming out and approx 500ml in 10 secs.  I have no blow by when I remove the rock cap. Done compression test and cylinders all sitting at 430. I am now at a loss to what the issue is, and would appreciate any help to identify the issue. 



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Have you measured the pressure? Is the oil pump new? Did you check the relief valve?

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Not familiar with the particular engine, just a general suggestion that I have seen cause probblems.

Are the drains from rocker to sump clear?

See how long it takes to drain when you pour oil into the engine. That is assuming oil is poured into the engine through the rocker cover. Does the rocker area fill up when the engine is running?

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that is a lot of oil in a short period

what do you mean by an intake valve?

how much oil is in the engine? is it possible it is overly full of oil and/or the wrong/broken dipstick

I would drop the oil measure it and put it back in  it could be a later block/sump that uses less oil than the older KZN130 (oil capacity varies from 6.3 to 7.7L)


PM me a frame/VIN so I can pull up the info

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