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Petrol Auris Fuel Consumption


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My 1.8 vvti  petrol avensis has been great so I recommended my mother in-law get an Auris. 

Looking for some mpg advice to help pick which engine. 

I've been reading through threads on this forum and it seems people are disappointed with the 1.6 litre.

Honest John real mpg states auris 2013-2019 does 38.9 which seems poor considering my avensis does that which is a bigger car bigger engine has one less gear and is the vvti not v-matic. A 1.8 civic has better mpg as well....

The thing I don't get is the honest John real mpg for the auris touring sports 1.6 2013-2019 is 46.4...? It's basically the same car but slightly bigger boot, the only thing I can think is either there aren't as many reliable entries or people do more motorway miles in the touring sports compared to the hatchback. 

I would just recommend the 1.33 litre as I don't think she would care if it's a bit under powered but the estate would be useful for prams etc for the grandkids but trying to find a used 1.33 estate in the right condition will be nigh on impossible. 

The other option then is the 1.2 turbo but i don't know if it will go on and on with only basic maintenance. I feel comfortable recommending the NA engines at I've lived with one and it's been great. 

Used cars are so expensive now even an 8 year old 2016 plate will cost a lot so you want it to last a long time like until it's 15-20 years 150k+ miles.

I'd be really interested to hear from people who have owned these cars what their personal experience are. 

Also considering a 1.4 civic but my siblings have Honda's and whilst they are good they haven't been service once a year and forget about it like my wife and my Toyotas have...

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fuel consumption can vary between different users and while some get excellent results others can be disappointed.
The main reason is how the car been used, how heavy is your right foot too. The 1.6 petrol engine is bulletproof, very similar to 1.8 engines in petrol cars and the hybrids. 40ish mpg average real world in any petrol car is respectful number. You will be between not trusting websites for fuel consumption numbers, these only can be obtained from car owners. 
If you are more about efficiency then the 1.4 diesel might be an option too especially if you live outside big cities and no restrictions applied.
1.2T is really good choice though , absolutely nothing  to worry about reliability. 
Hybrid versions are definitely the best, they drive smoothest, most responsive, most efficient, very reliable and all that comes at a cost, Toyota hybrids currently most expensive cars in their league, very high demand for these. At the end, avoid buying a Toyota with BMW’s engine, 1.6d for example.  These are not real Toyota cars, they look and drive like Toyota but have the inconvenience of expensive, unnecessarily difficult maintenance and high risk of failure., and they does not drive as good as bmw, just got the bmw negatives. 👍

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We have a 1.8 2017 avensis and a 2014 1.6 auris. Both manual, both estates and both owned from new. My wife and I regularly switch cars so I can give a fair comparison. Avensis gets 39-42 mpg (depending on temperature/time of year) on local (free flowing) rural roads (15 mile commute), the auris gets 42-46 on same journeys. At 65mph on long dual carriageway runs the avensis gets 52-54mpg, the auris 54-58. At 70mph (ish) the avensis probably slightly out performs the auris (due to higher revs in the auris at higher speeds). Don't do much urban driving to give figures!

I love my auris (I prefer the ride and features in the avensis but it is a good car rather than one I love - hard to explain)!  Both have been flawless up to 75k and 70k respectively.  I would buy another 1.6 in an instant if they had it in the corolla! I didn't enjoy the 1.3 as underpowered and the 1.2 I had for about 10 days was less smooth to drive and less efficient than my 1.6.  

Before my auris I'd never kept a car more than 3 years. At 10years old my 1.6 is almost as good as the day I bought it and I plan to keep it a good few years yet.

Regarding mpg obviously it depends where you drive, how the car has been maintained and most importantly how you drive. The mpg plummets if you drive either of them really hard! Any other queries ask away!

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Should clarify at over 65mph the mpg on both drops (rather than the avensis continuing to improve) albeit the avensis mpg drops slightly slower than the auris.

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I'll give the opinion from the "evil" side (read: diesel) to you:

I get 52-54 mpg with the 2.0 diesel 2013 version.

I drive in a mix of single carriageways, motorways, and a small town, without any traffic jams.

More important, I drive like a granny...


As TonyHSD rightly said, this is a 100% Toyota engine, built to last, nothing to do with the BMW version.

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I'd avoid the 1.33 engine unless you get the very latest ones made, as the early ones have an issue with oil getting past the low-friction piston rings and it'll need topping up regularly. I don't think the revised engine came out until the mid-late 2010s; I had a 2009 Mk2 Yaris with the debut 1.33 1NR-FE engine and at its worst I think I was putting in more oil over a year than it got during service! :laugh: 


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Thanks for all the replies much appreciated. 

Won't go for the diesel as she'll be doing a fair bit of urban driving and not more than 10k a year.

As for the hybrid If you were to get something in the region of 5-8 years old I'd wonder if it would be worth the extra cost for around 10k a year plus say you get one at 8 years and then the Battery goes after 4 years then not sure the cost and agro is worth it. 

@Willss thanks for the comparison really useful. I'm more inclined now to recommend the 1.6 Auris estate. Do you mind me asking what you had to get done at 70/75k miles and what has the maintenance been like since then, what is your current mileage?




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That's current mileage (70k for the auris) - no problems at all - yet!  To date I've had tyres, brake pads and discs (twice for pads - my rural driving involves quite a bit of braking from speed for bends)!  Also got a new Battery this winter at 9.5 yrs old - original hadn't played up but concluded I'd have to replace it once during my ownership so may as well do it at a time of my choosing rather than getting stuck one morning. 


Oh, only thing mine had a gearbox whine in 6th at 65+ mph when new. Most people wouldn't have noticed but I'm an intolerant type so grumbled and they sorted it during first year! Other than that not a light bulb even!!!  


Essentially pads, discs, tyres and a Battery in 10 years of ownership. Always serviced at main dealer so I'm sure if there was anything even remotely amiss they'd have let me know and tried to bill me an extortionate amount!!! Got to find somewhere cheaper for service now it's out of the 10 year Relax warranty! 

I got lucky - I suspect there are some lemons out there but like I said I've kept this car 10yrs/3x longer than any other vehicle so it can't be bad!  Maybe I've reached middle age but driving the car is enjoyable, it has great carrying capacity and seems bullet proof to date. 

Avensis has more rear legroom, is quieter inside and is a better quality of car, if you know what I mean, but the auris is functional and reliable.

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