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Wiring diagrams 2020 Corolla


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The new Haynes autofix is not what I want and since they no longer do physical manuals anymore, are there any other manuals out there, especially for wiring?

Thank you.

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Hi Michael, Like most physical car manuals they all seem to have gone or are going over to online. There are many sites that can provide wiring diagrams along with repair information and videos and there is a lot of free wiring diagrams online, but it takes a bit of searching to find them. Also YouTube can be helpful and does provide some useful wiring diagrams along with fusebox locations etc. I have listed a few which might be helpful but as most are subscription based its either going to be a recommendation from someone that uses a particular site all the time or has come across a free or a reasonable priced one.Hopefully others will give their choices as well.Hope this helps:smile:



https://www.autodata-group.com/uk/car-wiring-diagrams-software/?lead_source=Search+Ad&lead_source_detail=Google&utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid-search&utm_campaign=Wiring_Diagrams&utm_content=Car_Wiring_Diagrams&utm_term=vehicle wiring diagrams&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzZmwBhD8ARIsAH4v1gVXUT8zCdjv7rmv1_zlmKIvDsWjsg_QC_fut_EdG5_XqSSod-odHxYaAjn5EALw_wcB



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Official source is toyota-tech.eu, print your own physical copies that you need to keep. You pay for access - small amount really, less than the old Haynes manuals!

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Seriously, pay to access every time I want to investigate something.

I'd rather pay for a haynes manual that I can reference any time without having to pay each time.

Is this new method part of the restricting our right to repair, and if we want to repair. We have to pay access to the information every time.


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Hi Michael, its not restricting our right to repair its how these companies have adapted from the traditional physical books like the Haynes to the online subscription based system. You have no doubt found out how difficult it is to find any free comprehensive repair information online and these companies know how valuable this information is to the DIY market. Unfortunately this is becoming the norm and not just in this market place.:sad:

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If I bought an hours acces to toyota-tech.eu, do I have to browse  the wiring diagrams page by page or can I download the complete wiring diagram as a pdf?


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