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Help with SCV

Jacamo Jo

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Please can somebody shed some light on this topic. I have a Toyota Avensis diesel, 2008 model T25 with the 1AD-FTV engine. I have recently started having problems on starting the vehicle first thing in the morning. The car starts for a second and then dies. After a few attempts it starts and then is fine until the next day. My mechanic is saying that it's the SCV (Suction Control Valve). Toyota dealers do not offer this part as a stand alone and you have to buy the diesel pump complete with the unit. So I have looked online and have found an scv with part no 292400-0300 to be suited to my vehicle. However, I am being advised to go with the longer type body scv. As the short type do not last as long. Please can somebody guide me to which part number is required for the long body type. Details for vehicle are Toyota Avensis hatchback, year 2008, engine code 1AD-FTV, Vin:SB1DD56L10E089461, Denso pump: 2100-0R011, Hu294000 - 0870. Any help would be appreciated.

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Try this fix. "Delay for 5 seconds" after the glow plug has extinguished. Then crank/start the engine. This is a known problem for the D4D engine when it's older than 10 years. People had tried replacing most of the parts and still facing with the starting problem when it is first start in the cold in the morning.

I do the above by delaying for 5 seconds before starting works every time.

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Thank you for your advise. Just tried this morning and fired straight up. However, I have ordered a new scv for my vehicle. 

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Don't waste your money on changing the SCV. People tried all that..

The issue is suspected that the ECU aging electronic components. It needs warming up.... So if you leave for 5 seconds, you are allowing the ECU to warm up...

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