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Hello Toyota lovers. Just bought a RAV-4 (2007), love it so far. Anything I should be scared of?

Had a Toyota before, MR-2 (Mk1) but snapped the crankshaft in two. I'll give it another go, wish me luck.

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Hi Karl,keep an eye on oil consumption, especially before it hits 100,000 miles. Valve problems can be the culprit, so checking oil levels regularly is crucial. Some owners with excessive oil consumption opt for engine rebuilds, which can cost around £2,000.

 Clunking noises while turning the wheel might indicate a worn steering shaft assembly. Replacing this can be expensive, costing around £1,200.

The gear shifting might feel rough in some RAV4s, leaking door seals have also been reported on some models.Warped brake discs are a possibility, especially if the car towed heavy loads in the past. With proper maintenance, a 2007 RAV4 can last well over 200,000 miles. 

As we generally have more rain and road salt this means checking underneath the car for rust is important, particularly around the rear bumper and under the engine, especially if the four wheel drive system has been used often,this might not apply to you car but some RAV4s with a rear mounted spare wheel have a boot door that doesn't open fully due to the hinge mechanism. There are aftermarket fixes that replace the hinge with one from a higher spec model.Hope this helps

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