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1998 Hiace - No air through center vents


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Hi all

Just bought a 1998 Hiace (LWB, Petrol).

The fan and air conditioning seems to be working fine, the side vents are blowing strong and cold. The center vents, however, aren’t blowing at all. 

I thought at first maybe the vent selector wasn’t working properly, and even when it’s set on regular fan at your face, there is a bit of air coming through the demister vents on the windscreen. But then when I flick the switch to demister vent, it gets a lot stronger… so now I’m thinking that probably isn’t the issue.

Has anyone else had this issue?  I’d be very grateful for any knowledge or advice you have to share! 



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Hi Andreas,the issue could be a malfunctioning blend door or a problem with the ductwork that directs air to the center vents. The fact that air is coming through the demister vents when it's set to face vents suggests that the blend door may not be properly directing airflow. It's also possible that there could be a blockage in the ductwork leading to the center vents.Try locating the bend door it maybe under the dashboard on the passenger side and see if it's moving properly when you adjust the vent settings. If it's not moving, it may need to be replaced.Hope this helps.:smile:

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Thanks so much for the help! I’ve taken off the dash, stereo, glove box etc, and found the selected lever pulls a white cord or tube in and out of a white plastic box that is buried deep behind a lot of other stuff closer to the steering column. Fearing it could be beyond my expertise to take all that off to get inside that box… might just have to pay the man… but Thankyou again for your help 

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