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The IQ is a great car - just my thoughts...


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Driving from Hertfordshire to Wolverhampton and back yesterday made me realise what a great car the IQ is…

I’ve had mine for about 2 years now. Bought as a private sale, it’s an IQ2 1.0 2014

I didn’t realise at the time the different trims and models; I just bought locally as a runaround.

I do like leather seats, but… in some ways prefer the ‘warmth’ of the cloth ones I have. Which surprised me.

One of the first things I did was to change the tyres, from the mix of names I didn’t recognise, to Goodyear all-seasons.

They coped with the rain and surface water yesterday really well.

I also added sound deadening, and the car, even at motorway speeds is really quiet.

( I think the acoustic windscreen helps a lot. )

Listened to an audio book CD on the way up. I changed the front 4 Speakers to Focals. The sound was fine, but it’s richer now.

I use a little bluetooth plug-in thing, to listen to music from my phone. Amazing sound quality!

SatNav? I use my phone. Reversing camera? So small a car, my eyes are fine for that.

I was comfy, warm, in a nice environment, and despite the size of the car, was respected by car and lorries alike. Maybe it’s the quirkiness of the car that helps?

Despite the small 1.0L engine, on the motorway for me, it was absolutely fine. Changing gear when I needed to, but not an onerous task at all.

I’m still also in awe of the equipment levels. For mine at least, folding and heated electric mirrors with indicators…

I also had the ( height adjustable ) driver seat, updated to be heated. Nice in the winter. Sadly not an option for the steering wheel.

I also really like the photochromic rear view mirror, basically the same as I had on my previous Lexus RX.

That ( 2003 Lexus ) car rusted to death underneath, so last year I did the Lanoguard thing… and will top it up this Summer as well.

Climate Control too, though I tend to use the standard AC controls more.

The 9 airbags still amaze me and give a safer feel.

I always use my ( LED ) sidelights when driving as I like to be seen(!) and headlights when needed ( a weak point I think ).

Still amazed seeing cars in high rain, low viz, motorway situations, when driving with no lights on at all.

I don’t need the new car, driver aids. I read too many posts of people wanting to switch them off.

I’d rather rely, I hope, on good driving skills and thinking skills also.

Regular servicing at my (very) trusted local independent, and general care and attention, and it’s a great and reliable car.

In my two years of ownership I still think I’ve only spotted about 20 on the road.

Low insurance ( currently! ) and zero road tax ( currently! ) all helps.

It’s a keeper... ( No interest in EVs at all. Currently getting about 54mpg ).


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What an excellent write-up. Thank you.

I'm not quite in the same league as your trip to the Midlands, but I chose to use the iQ for an evening trip to the theatre from SE Herts to Cambridge recently (Cambridge Park & Ride  closes early in the evening, so I needed to drive into the city centre).

In addition to enjoying the drive there & back (1hr each way), I was able to squeeze into a tiny parking space right outside the theatre, which wouldn't have been possible in a normal-size car. Well done, iQ!

Having only owned the car for 7 months, this was the longest trip so far. Got an average mpg in the high 50's.

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Yes.. agree. Its here a keeper also.

We bought the IQ because we always liked that small Toyota and it was financially possible to buy one. 
Now we owned it for 6 months or so and it became love. Its really a brilliant car!

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