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How to remove the ignition key cover?


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Hi, I would like to remove  the cover under the steering wheel that covers the ignition key. when I looked, I've seen three screws, two at the top, right under the steering wheel and one lower. while looking at it, I've seen a small panel at the bottom of the cover with "airbag" printing on it. since it's not my desire to blow the airbag, I would like to ask for your advice/guidance how to dismantle the cover without any additional firework.

The vehicle is a 2012 Yaris NSP130 and here is a pic I took of the cover.



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Hi Amron,removing the screws and lifting the panel might not directly cause an airbag deployment However there are still some safety risks to consider. While the panel itself might not be the airbag, there could be hidden wires or connectors behind it that connect to the airbag system. Disconnecting these accidentally during removal can trigger deployment. Even if you avoid direct contact with airbag components, using excessive force while prying the panel off might damage wiring or sensors related to the airbag system. This damage might not cause immediate deployment, but it could render the airbag inoperable in a future collision.

IMO I would disconnect the Battery and give it 10 minutes for any capacitors associated with the ACU to discharge before you remove the panel.

After removing the panel, putting everything back together correctly is crucial. Incorrect reassembly, even if the airbag doesn't deploy during disassembly, it could cause malfunctions or prevent the airbag from deploying properly in an accident.Hope this helps.:smile:

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pull the trim around the cluster

IIRC there are 3 screws one by the lever and 2 behind the steering wheel turn the wheel to access the screws one on the left and the other on the right then the 2 halves are clipped together


no need to touch the knee airbag at all



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