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Speed limit display

Hairy Furnace

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My dashboard shows the wrong speed limits How do I correct this?

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7 minutes ago, Hairy Furnace said:

My dashboard shows the wrong speed limits How do I correct this?

In what sense? If you mean that it's occasionally incorrect then you'll probably have to live with it. None of these systems are infallible.

Toyota's systems appear to use map information as a starting point with the camera in the windscreen overriding it if a limit sign is detected.

And it's the camera that is the problem.

  • It can detect signs that apply to a nearby road instead of the one being driven on.
  • It can detect early warning signs (no red circle) and display the change before it actually happens.
  • It can fail to spot a relevant sign.
  • It can think that weight specific limits apply to it - an example of this is the A75 in Scotland. Several stretches are marked as being 40mph for HGVs but the car just reads the 40mph sign and displays that as the current limit.

It works reasonably well most of the time but one of things I'm not looking forward to when I change my car is that new vehicles are legally required to alert the driver to limit changes and overruns. Given how fallible the system is that could be very irritating. Especially since I always know the speed limit without recourse to computer prompting.

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Hi Hilary, Have you tried updating the maps through the system's settings menu? If not, that's the first step to ensure accurate speed limit information. If the issue persists, it might be worth consulting your user manual or contacting Toyota customer support they may be able to advise on a better solution if there is one.:laugh:

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