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Need some 02 Sensor advise for a Toyota Estima Hybrid 2009


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Looking for some help with my Toyota Estima Hybrid the engine light came on about a week ago no signs of anything running out of the ordinary car doesn't feel down on power fuel consumption hasn't changed but obviously I don't want to be driving around with the engine light on 24/7 I've tried clearing it but it comes back within about 3-4 hours, the first screenshot from my OBD reader app is from when the light first came on and the second screenshot is from when it came back on a few hours later so I'm a bit stumped as to what O2 sensor might be at fault the top one I can access pretty easy to stick the multi-meter on but I'm not sure if that's the one that has failed or is failing so I don't want to go prodding around I'm also unsure as to which part I need to source I don't know if the O2 sensors are both the same make and model or if they differ slightly not finding out a whole lot via google.

I also can't seem to find any obvious fuse for the O2 sensor heater circuit I'm not sure if this car even has one, visual inspection of the wiring and sensor doesn't reveal any obvious signs of failure.  

Any input would be greatly appreciated as a trip to the garage at the moment isn't really on the table, also would it be best to replace it with the same brand or would opting for a third party brand work just the same? this one for example seems to match the part number on the O2 sensor in my image I've attached to this post.    




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My advice would be that IF you need to replace an O2 sensor then bite the bullet and use an OEM/Denso sensor and NOT a cheaper version that won't last.

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