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Automatic gearbox

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Hi all, hope you're well.

I would like to ask the question of, can I fit a foreign Toyota Avensis 1.8 petrol automatic gearbox to a UK model? (well the computer of the car except it?) Your help would be very much appreciated, and much needed.

Many thanks.

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Hi Johel,I t might be possible to fit a foreign Toyota Avensis 1.8 petrol automatic gearbox to a UK model, but there are some potential problems to consider.There could be variations between the gearboxes used in foreign and UK models, even if the engines are seemingly the same. This could involve mounting points, wiring looms or even control units. You would need to carefully compare the part numbers of the gearboxes to ensure compatibility. There's is also  a chance the emission control systems on the foreign gearbox might not be compatible with UK regulations. This could lead to issues during MOT tests.

The wiring loom that connects the gearbox to the car's electrical system might be different between foreign and UK models.It's advisable to stick with a gearbox that was designed for the UK market. This will help avoid these potential compatibility issues.

If you're considering going ahead with a foreign gearbox, it's best to consult with a Toyota mechanic . They will be able to assess the specific gearboxes you have in mind and advise you on the feasibility of the swap. As for the car's computer, it's generally not recommended to swap engine computers between different regions. The ECU  might be programmed to work with specific emission control systems and sensors that are present in the original region's model. Swapping it could lead to engine running issues or warning lights.Hope this helps.:smile:

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that all depends on the gearbox, cvt gearboxes are freely available (K311)

have you had the gearbox diagnosed properly if so what is the issue, i assume you have done the basics like checking the fluid level, has it ever had a fluid and filter change ?


tbh these boxes don't go wrong unless they haven't been serviced and/or are in the 150-200k miles range, if its been used as a cab the gearbox is done for

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