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Beating 99.9mpg


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I discovered today that while the dash display only goes to 99.9, the app goes beyond that. 

I have a regular trip of around 6 miles of flat city driving at mostly 30mph, usually I get 75mpg or so but today with the warmer weather it was way above. 

it’s a personal record, plus it was just normal driving at the actual limit (32 indicated) with normal acceleration too. 




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Impressive!   The only time I've ever seen 99.9mpg on the meter display is with a 'stealth launch'.   Letting it trundle off the drive and up the road, without touching the throttle, until the ICE starts.   I only do it because I am new to hybrids and it's just weird 🙄

I should, perhaps, mention that I live in a cul-de-sac and I don't do it if there is anyone else around.

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Yes, I’d never got near this before. Particularly as it was normal driving on the flat so no cheating by using the stored Battery power on a short trip or going downhill. 

I had two 17 mile trips this afternoon, both city 30mph but with a few  40/50mph sections too - almost exactly the same for both trips at 71mpg. 

the warmer weather seems to make a big difference. Combined with slower speed driving the results are completely above any previous hybrid I’ve owned, so it looks like whatever they’ve done with the facelift has worked.

I struggled to even hit 50mpg in my auris , and my Yaris was only 55mpg mostly  


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In my Auris in certain conditions I can easily achieve  similar numbers , not as good as the latest models obviously but very very close.
These special conditions are night time through towns and villages, empty roads, sensible driving within speed limits and slightly below, pulse and glide technique works extremely well. The only thing is that I do a lots of motorways and even I do drive mostly at around 60-65mph still the fuel consumption rises a bit, but overall very happy. Currently at around 57mpg and this will go up to 60-62mpg summer time. 
Not long ago I had replaced the hybrid Battery, then last week I put new 12v Battery too and now the car seems more alive and longer ev times and drives way better.

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That’s some good results from the auris, when I had mine the best I could get was 44mpg winter and at most 49 in summer. I very rarely could ever touch 50mpg. 

mine was a 2014 excel on 17 inch wheels, the speedometer on mine was also 10% out and couldn’t be adjusted so I had to drive at 77mph on the dash to get a genuine 70mph. 

the Corolla speedometer is better, only around 5-6% out at all speeds. It does make the road sign/speed limit assist less useful though. 

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The sudden spike in temperatures is helping.  In my YC on Thursday. 70 miles at 28 average, 71mpg.

The day before in 'limp mode' with spare wheel,  95mpg over 7 miles at 29mph.


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