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Toyota Yaris 2010 Leak from Gearbox


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Hi all 

I’ve been experiencing this leak since I’ve got my clutch changed . It’s very slow drips and when left overnight it drips quite abit . Wasnt sure what it was at first but took it the mechanic and he said driveshaft seal to which he then replaced . When getting the car back drove home and checked to see if it was all dry and still was wet. I just assumed he just changed the seal and didn’t do anything extra . Just want to know what else could cause this leak . 



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I hope the gearbox oil level was checked when the seal was replaced. If it's still leaking you'll need to keep a check on the oil level.

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I did tell the mechanic to check for the fluid level and make sure to drain and put recommend amount in but at this point I don’t think he’s done anything

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Hi Obied, IMO I would give your mechanic a call and say I wanted to let you know that the leak in my Yaris is still present after the driveshaft seal replacement. I understand that leaks can be tricky, especially after a clutch job.Tell him from what I've researched and heard from other Yaris owners, there are a couple of common leak points that could be worth checking. Rear main seal, this seal sits between the engine and transmission. Since accessing it requires removing the transmission, it would have been exposed during the clutch job. If this seal wasn't replaced at that time or if it got damaged during the process, it could be the source of the leak.Crankshaft Position Sensor O-ring, The CPS is located near the driveshaft seal on the transmission housing and has a small o-ring that can easily get damaged during a clutch replacement.

Would you be able to check these areas for potential leaks. If you don't get a resolve you might want to consider taking the car to a Toyota dealership where their mechanics, who are very familiar with this model, can have a look.Hope this helps.:smile:

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Thanks for the reply Bper and I did call the mechanic this morning and he said bring the car back for a further inspection however I’m starting to doubt he’s actually done anything. I given the car to him on Monday morning and he said it will be done by the evening however he rang me Monday evening and said he couldn’t find the seal locally so had to order it from toyota . 
when I checked the website it states 3-5 working days for delivery but the mechanic had the car done the next day at 1pm which is why I’m starting to think he’s just getting money off me at this point . I have given it to a different mechanic to inspect where the leak could be coming from and to check if transmission fluid has been changed like I asked and the driveshaft seal

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whatever is it needs to be done by the mechanic who started the work. 
Toyota can deliver parts next day and they usual do that if order was made up to around 5pm previous day. 
The mechanic could have installed a new seal indeed but not properly so it’s leaking from there.

The question here is why you had a leak after a clutch replacement?
My opinion is that he might have caused a damage to the seal while removing and installing the drive shafts. 
You need to think of your consumer rights here . Something smells wrong . 

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Thanks for the reply Tony and yes I’m definitely going to get the leak fixed by the original mechanic but wanted a second opinion just in case the original mechanic is fobbing me off . The mechanic I have given the car to now is a close friend of mine in which I’ve asked him to only check what’s been done I.e. I asked the original mechanic to replace transmission fluid as it had been leaking for a couple of days and to check if seal has actually been replaced and what could be the cause of the leak . Nothing more . 

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