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Constant Humming coming from throttle car won’t start


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Hello, I thought it would be a good idea to clean the intake, egr and throttle body. When I put the car back together it wouldn’t start and I noticed a constant humming coming from throttle body, it’s also wide open even with the ignition on.


like an idiot I forgot to disconnect the Battery before doing work. Car is Toyota verso 2013 2.0.

any help much appreciated!

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Check the EFI fuse and check every connection you may have touched when you did the cleaning. Make sure the MAF sensor is connected. The MAF sensor should only be cleaned with MAF cleaner! Check all the hoses are secured back in place.
I assume the engine is the Valvematic variant. The throttle fully opens in operation if Valvematic, then varies position depending on driving conditions. I have read somewhere long ago, not to force the throttle open against the motor when cleaning! This could damage the gears in the throttle body motor!
Hopefully something small as a not properly connected item could stop the car from starting.   

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Thank you so much. I put the hoses on the egr cooler the wrong way round, swapped them back, charged the Battery overnight and the car started after about 60 seconds of cranking. Also thank you for the info on the throttle starting off open, I was worried that I’d got cleaner in and broken it.

I suppose shoving a load of zip ties into a drill and blitzing the top of the valves with carb cleaner may have flooded the cylinders.


 Thanks again, I’ll be back when I do something else stupid.

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