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I’m Convinced Toyota has lost the plot with Built in SatNav

Paul john

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During 2022 i spent months working with Toyota Uk to get Multimedia / built-in Wifi unit working on the Prius with toyota uk website, so you could actually initialise a wifi virtual sim for your car.

During this time I began to lose confidence with the built in systems , which became increasingly isolated over time if you wished to use alternatives like AA or Carplay as your main “internet” connection. More frustration this year as TM over radio was disabled (MY19 units does not use the new system) 

So that leads me to todays gripe…

I am by nature a completionist, so even though i use Carplay i like to keep my Toyota Internal maps up to date ….

So imagine my surprise when i went to run OTA map updates for UK / France when i get the message “OTA update subscription expired please login to MyT to update settings and register for updates” yes it did say MyT

sorry that is cow poop, my account HAS registered, in fact i am mid PCP (2 out of 4) so no worries there then.

The implementation on the MY20 Prius with an MY19 head unit has always been flaky and this is just another of many many examples. don't even get me started on MyT(oyota) being stuck in “trial” mode for 2 years so i cant even see my 12v status (yes seriously)  

Dear Mr/Ms Toyota please don't concentrate on this years model because its “shiny” and “new” for the 3 ppl that bought it. SORT OUT your loyal customer issues  

I guess i made the right decision to abandon internal mulimedia/sat nav and buy a wired/wireless converter (carlinkit v5) and use TomTomGo on my iPhone with monthly updates to maps and have music streamed with zero delay …

perhaps my nextmodel will be a base rather than a top of the range… or even not toyota (shock horror after 18 years ownership) at the end of the day if your supplier cant be bothered to support customers you will move elsewhere or buy a significantly detuned model  

oh and don't forget in 2025 “safety” featured become mandatory… so owning a 2020 / 2019 / 2016 Prius Gen4 would be desire-able  so even more important to keep up to date  



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I have totally given up on our headunit. Dont use maps at all in fact i only use the headunit for sound or reverse camera. I use a tablet that fits on the air vents that covers the headunit when on a long journey. I can manage all my music, maps etc. using that. Much better, more responsive and easier to manage.

bluetooth takes 90 seconds to load, should be 10 max.

Toyota need to pick up their game with their mulimedia tech, it's shocking how poor it is.

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