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ABS Module not communicating


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I have a 2008 Yaris with the ABS and brake waring light on. my fault code reader  said it wasnt communicating with the ABS module. The ABS module has "44510-0D03" on it. Pins 1 and 14 of the connector both had 12 volts so I knew it wasnt a power issue, so I bought a second hand module and fitted that. before starting the car, I tested it and the replacement pump/module had no faults and seemed ok, all lights went out. Started the car, again no isssues

15 seconds of driving and the ABS light and brake lights are both on and once again my reader says not communicating with the ABS module.

Anyone else experience this or can point me in the direction of a solution ? the car is up for its test in a few weeks so I need to get this sorted quick, and cheap as possible as we're about to move house 





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Update for anyone else having the same issue:-


Jumping pins 4 & 13 on the OBD2 port gets the ABS light flashing codes for a couple of wheel sensors and low voltage. Pumping the brakes during this process resets the ABS module, clearing the codes and letting it once again communicate with my diagnostic tool. Driving the car then puts me back where I was with both the ABS light and brake warning symbol back on, but at least now I know the module is not damaged. 

Ordered some new sensors so will change them next weekend and examine the loom to see if there is a bad earth or something

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1 hour ago, Snarf74 said:

Ordered some new sensors so will change them next weekend

I would think it's possible that the rings that the sensors read could be badly corroded and/or very dirty, rather than the sensor itself being faulty. Have a wire brush to hand as well (though if the teeth are far gone the ring will need replacing).

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Got to the bottom of it at last. It doesnt have an ABS ring of the type you mentioned, the front wheel bearing has a magnetic ring built in to the bearing, which was damaged. Replaced the wheel bearing, and another rear ABS sensor and the fault didnt return once I cleared the codes.

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