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Wider Wheels


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Does anyone know where I could get a set of 14" 6J steel rims to fit a 1995 corolla as I want to fit wider tyres (185/60 from 165/70) but can't afford to fork out for alloys. The wheels are currently 14" 5(.5?). It is hard to find a decent performance tyre in 165 width. Also, what do 'offset' 'PCD' and 'c/bore' mean?



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wait a couple of weeks/months and get a wheel and tyre package, it wont be much more than a set of new performance tyres in the long run.

PCD it pitch circle diameter (or something) and is the amount of space between your bolt holes (100pcd ona Rolla)

Offset is the distance from the rear face of the wheel (the bit against the hub) to the outer rim of the wheel (the bit you always kerb !)

C-bore - is the size of the center hole of the wheel where the stub axle sits and keeps the wheel centrally aligned.

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