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Wheel Shims


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the track of a stock corolla (with standard steel wheels

wont hurt here..... :lol:

in fact its pointless, plus the biggest available 'off the shelf' spacers i've seen in 100pcd are 1"......

not quite sure where the guy is going with this, a stock car with stock wheels might as well just stay stock unless its a 'looks' thing ? or he has those annoying blobs in the road and a slightly wider track will let him get a wheel either side :P

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Thanks for the advice. I was just trying to get some handling benefit, thought it was worth asking. Took the car up to South-->Mid-->North wales the other day. 700 miles of fast A and B roads. Brilliant, took in many car mag testing roads! Lessons learned: I'm going to change the brake pads to EBC greenstuff V4 (450 deg. C+) as I got considerable fade from standard pads and also some fluid fade (nasty) which I intend to solve with AP551. This was the first real test for the brakes as I've not had the car long and I don't think the previous owner had bedded the pads in properly resulting in GREEN FADE on the (luckily, private military range) road at 80mph!

I have spoken to two different tyre fitters who both assured me I could fit 185 width tyres on a 5.5J rim, and both thought I could squeeze 195's on (but didn't advise it). I would like to get a bit more torque down out of low speed corners and finding good quality directional/asymetric/sticky tyres is hard on a 165 width. I have decided to go for Yokohama A539's (185/60R14) - £29.90 each + delivery from tyresonline.net - on a seperate set of rims for dry touring . The softish compound should help as will the wider width. The wet performance, however, may not be ground braking, but I can sacrifice that! Now, if only slicks were road legal...

A great site for cheap tyres is tyresonline.net

AP551: www.apracing.com/car/brakefluid/index.htm

EBC grenstuff: www.ebcbrakes.com/

Thanks for not letting me waste money on shims if they will do nothing.


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