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HI all

This is my 1st post. I've owned my MR2 Turbo Rev1 since sept last year, its black with 17" rims and huge 225 front tyres and 245 rears. After just managing to finally resolve some rear suspension knocking probs i.e ball joint knackered etc,, I'm now entering the mods territory.

First up my original single large exhaust box has just cracked open a 10" gap, so thats being binned. I'm waiting for the legendary mongoose system to arrive. Which leads me to my first question, what is it really like to fit?. Does it sound nice and does it give any performance gains!.

Also I have saved up for 6months for this and an induction kit. I've heard of apexi being one but also K&N being the obvious choice. Has anybody fittted either of these to there turbos and whats the difference.

Finally I read somewhere that fittting both of these together causes the air flow to free up so much that the turbo spins up so much more quickly it tends to overboost. oh dear!.

This is where my knowledge of it all gets vague.i know there is an overboost chip (FCD) available but can anybody tell me the best source for this?.

Many Thanks.

P.s After owning a 270bhp Cosworth, this MR2 is streets ahead build and performance wise.

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Starting with the Mongoose, it sounds great, low burbling sound and a roar under load, great system to have....

Induction Kit, would personally go for Apexi over K&N although would rather have the RamAir over both of those (currently running HKS which sounds great)...

As for the Turbo side can't be much help I'm afraid....

Have fun

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there is a mod that TTE did with the ecu, basically bridging a resistor i think..............

i will find out,its very simple to do

for an induction kit, you could try blitz, there wire filters sound great, and as for the mongoose system, there excelent quality, well built and fit brillianty

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the instruction is for a gt4, but will work on a MR2

1. Remove the turbo VSV (vacume control valve) and bore it out to


This will increase the boost to 12.5~13 psi.( Remember! The area goes


with the square of the radius - do not get lazy and use a 5mm drill


you will be way off the mark.) Re-install. It is located under the

intake manifold. On a GT4 it is the hardest job I have ever done to

remove it and reinstall with the engine in the car. (I wonder why they

put it there?)

2. Open up the CPU and solder a 4.3v ziener diode to the PIM sensor pin

on the bottom side of the system board to the ground screw. This is the

fourth pin on the bottom row with the AMP wiring loom connectors facing

your belly and the ground is the phillips screw below and to the right

of the long dual row of data input pins. The band of the diode goes

toward the PIM pin (Important). This will bleed voltage to ground and

raise the fuel delivery cutoff pressure to 14 psi.

no liability is taken if you screw things up

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I've seent hat before, but still love my HKS, Filter is cleaned every 5k and changed every 10k as suggested, no problems as of yet and the sound is superb, especially withthe de-cat pipe....

It's one of those things that if you take loving care of your car, filter, oil changes etc, etc your going to have a lot less porbs. To be fair if you leave the other filters in longer you do get away with more....

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Thats an interesting article with regards the air filters for Skylines. I think it's slightly dependent on the car that is used as well as the kit - but I would say those results conclusively show that the Apexi systems is streets ahead of the others in terms of filtration. Incidentally I am suprised at the 13-14bhp gains - usually these things give possibly 5bhp - is the Skyline stock airbox **really** restrictive?

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