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Mr2 Turbo Vs Type R ( Both Stock )


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be careful off the line,the integra is abit of a dawg from standing starts,but is capable of smashng a mr2 turbo or most stock imprezas(not sti's).

but if its a uk integra you would be able to race him in nearly anything and win.

the above only goes for a 1996-98 integra r import(only). :ph34r:

we have all done it,mite still have some footage if you can post it on this site?????

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check out my times against a modded sti wrx at santa pod. bear in mind it was a cold damp day and i only have front wheel drive and road tyres

me 13.955sec@106.89mph :lol:

sti 13.488sec@103.14mph ;)

best time of the day was13.936sec@107.70mph

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hopefully by the end of this month it'll be quicker still .........LAUNCH CONTROL will be here and after that may be anti-lag oh and possibly traction control but got a lot of savin to do first.

could do with 2 spare 17" alloys realy so i can get some super sticky tyres for strip use.

if any one has 2 going cheap (condition not important but must b usable) let me know

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