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Jap Car Owners Dig At Maxpower

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Is that Max Power or Max <if my vocabulary was any smaller, it would be nearly as small as my genitals> orr even possibly Lax Bowels

I postively **** myself laughing looking at the BX thats takeing a reasonable workhorse (dont laugh they tow car trailers a treat) and turn it into god knows what :D

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:lol:thats the funnyest thing ive seen in ages and does sum up the average ford/vauxall modifier a treat

not people who modify proper cars jap ones :lol:

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Round at a mates last night for a few beers.He put on the max power video that they are giving away this month to mark their tenth birthday said i'd be interested on whats on it.It was only full of jap cars :o .My favourite been the top secret supra going through a tunnel in japan at 328 kmh ;) .Close second was the topless go-karting :ph34r: .Also not one washer jet lite up in site strange that :P :lol:

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im glad i looked at that post as the BX has gave me some gd styling tips eg- the orange and grey two tone paint work, what a mixture it looks amazin.

Then there is the cossie spolier with the pug 206 wrc spoiler smothed in nice :). that also goes nicely with the low rear end caused by towing two many caravans. also the bodykit made out of old drain pipes......

it must be a MAX POWER cover car

all it need is some 17" wheel trims to finish it off :)

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