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Idle Rev's


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My 1988 Corolla Gti is a little bit ill at the moment. When it starts from cold the idle revs shoot up to 2500-3000revs. Althought this makes pulling away as easy as with an auto, it can't be a good thing right? Obviously the car needs to warm up so it needs to rev slightly higher than normal, but this is a bit excessive surely? I thought about adjusting the idle control but as it idles normally when warm I was worried this might bring the idle down and cause trouble? If it is the idle control that needs adjusting, could anyone help me out with how and if not could anyone help at all?!?!?!?

Thanks for your time,


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I agree with Yaris 1.3, this is probably a disconnected vacuum pipe on the intake manifold. This line goes from the pressure regulator to the intake manifold where it will probably join near the start valve. It is possible, although less likely, that the pipe is broken/detatched at the aforementioned pressure regulator.

I would not advise touching the idle control. It would probably be tamper resistant and may require a special adjuster, without which you risk damaging it. When warm the cylinder temperature sensor prevents high idle even if the pipe is broken. When idling the high depression should cause the regulator valve to open and fuel pressure/supply to be reduced by increasing fuel return to the tank. This is not happening in your car and so engine revs rise as you're running rich on cold start.


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Similarly.... :help:

My '95 NA MR2 GTi has started to show the same problem, at startup the revs shoot up to ~1.6K revs or more and after a couple of mins (when warmish) it drops to the normal 800RPM. Riddles... did you find a vacuum line to be the issue? I checked one from the inlet manifold that went to some electronic device near the daignostic plug in point and that was OK... after looking further there was a load of vacuum-type lines coming from the manifold? as far as I can see all appeared to be OK... anyone else experienced this... it's not too much of a concern but would be v.nice to fix.

Also, power tends to drop off after ~4.5K revs, v.good until then.... anyone got torque/BHP curves for this engine (3SGE?).. Only have it ~2months and this is the only one as such I've driven.. maybe this power is always the case.

Another Q: Panel filter V's Induction kit... any recommendations?


PS. V.Good site/forums.

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