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Lowering T-sport

gman rct

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down to individual drivers i guess, some may say they work well some may say they dont, tyre pressuers also help, lower psi on front will grip more and pull the car, higher rear will create less drag,

mine are currently 32 psi all round, thinking of dropping down to 30 front

im happy with my strut brace and did notice better cornering :thumbsup:

as for rear, dunno, but if u want more weight u could always wack a nice sub in :lol: :D

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yeh the stereos already in, might just rally around with a bag of cement in the boot!

its still a toss up for me wether to do it or not cos all my mates have lowered there cars and i see them struggling over bumps and rough roads, but then i want to go quick round a bend and the car leans more than my motorbike!

will def get it sorted soon. might check my tire pressures to out of curriosity

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