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fitted this mornin, was expectin a hard job from all the tales on here, took me about an hour to remove old and fit new! was the easiest swap ive ever done! only thing is that i havent reattatched the sensor, i had to cut the wires!!! will this cause any probs, theres no ecu light on dash soi im assuming its ok.

the noise is great, i'll post some pics once i have some, maybe even a sound clip if its wanted?

i had to play about and start it up with no exhaust, scared a couple walking by when it revved up :D

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MY GOD!!! just been for a drive up newcastle and ive had nowt but bother, the whole 10 mile trip and ive been followed by 5 cop cars, even when i got there and got out a passin coppa said that the exhaust dont sound legal! but it sounds great when it 'pops'

no pics till wed as my brothers pinchin my car while his gets fixed


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Nice one mate, is the noise level legal? I like exhausts that pop, my powerflow occasionally pops but I have to rev it just at the right time on the overrun  :lol:

how can they tell if its legal? is it just a coppas judgement over the noise? i always assumed as long as it passes emmissions then its legal.

im gettin the hang of the pop thing now, ive got it mastered in 2nd and 3rd but other gears are a bit more tricky.

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