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Yaris Mp3 Changer Rumours


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I have read in several threads how CD changers can be fitted to the original factory Toyota CD-player head unit.

I have also seen advertised that MP3 changers such as the Sony XPLOD on www.caraudiodiscount.com is compatible with the Yaris headunit, as long as it is supplied with the relevant interface cable and you don't mind losing ID3 text being displayed.

However, several car audio places are adament that there are NO compatible MP3 changers for the Yaris, because the factory CD player will simply not understand the instructions sent to it by the MP3 changer.

Is this the case?

Cheers guys


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I've just had the Sony Xplod MD changer fitted to my car via the original factory fitted Yaris stereo. I had it fitted by a local stereo shop they said it was easy to fit. It needed and interface which you can order at Halfords for about £50. cost me £350 in total fitted which is a reasonable price.

The CD player still works fine. You push the button marked tape/CD to which ever one you want. The MD player displays which MD is playing and the track number but not the track title but that's OK as the title isn't really important.

I wouldn't be without it now. I love it.


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That Sony CD changer I think you are looking at advertises as being able to link to any Radio head unit, this is because it uses an RF modulator (grrrrr) and a remote control to change the disk/track etc. Basically its a standalone system that broadcasts to your headunit on a certain radio frequency.

Like VT said, for 350 you can install a basic alpine unit and their 6 disk mp3 changer.


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I am not sure about Yaris, but for Corolla you have an adapter kit which will let you use normal toyota cd system with some other cd changer... including mp3 changers... keep in mind that these mp3 changers have all the hardware to play mp3s themselves, so cd head unit doesnt need anything extra

i was looking into this for my CTS, but i found out that CTS doesnt have cd text support, which made it too crappy for me - since you cant really see what you are playing or select it

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