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New Yaris

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Aygo is not the replacement!

According to reports the new Yaris comes out in September, but I'm a cynic and I dont believe that - I reckon it'll be January 2006, but we'll soon find out I guess!

And Ryans right - do a search first! We've talked about this new Yaris so much I'm getting sick of it now.......

NOTTTTTT! :lol::lol::lol::thumbsup:

PS - Thread'll be called either "New Yaris" or something similar, try searching for Mark2 Yaris.

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Try also 'P3' as some of us were calling it the phase three when it's really a totally different car!

Maybe we should run a book on when it will appear...

My money's on March/April 2006 in time for the 06 plate. :yes:

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I asked toyota yesturday about it but i've forget. Think he said end of the year. :wacko:

Went in because my t-sport was leaking again - not only does the cloth on the roof soak it up but some drips! Luckily on the passengers and not me! :P

They had an aygo there. Its not replacing the yaris - its going into a different end of the market i.e. smart. Next yaris is meant to be slightly bigger than the current.

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