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I Know Its Been Asked B4, But Cant Find The Answer


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Hope this is what you are after.........

Automatic Gearbox Operation.

On the gear lever you get an O/D button (a light should also come up on the dash), this is your extra gear, it like an electronic 4th gear. If you need more power and revs to overtake, flick the switch and kick it down and go like the wind .

The ECT switch on the console gives the gearbox two driving styles, one is for fast enthusiastic driving, the other for economical driving (or winter driving).

In NORMAL setting the gearbox will change up gear a little slower and in Power mode, it will kick down right up to the red line if you keep your foot to the floor.

For everyday driving keep the ECT switch set to NORMAL and the O/D switch left on :) .

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Sounds about right......just for some more info:

The ECT button (which stands for "Electronically Controlled Transmission")

changes the shift points for the automatic transmission. When engaged,

the transmission shifts later, allowing the engine to get to a higher

power level and accelerate faster. Gas mileage is usually reduced in

this mode. Use it when you need to get up to speed faster; for example,

to merge into fast moving traffic. The normal position for this switch

is OFF.

OD, or OverDrive, is a 4th gear on the transmission that will engage

when you are going above about 35 mph that lets the engine operate

at a lower speed (RPMs) when all it has to do is maintain a high speed

when you are going over flat, even highway. This improves fuel

economy. Technically, any transmission gear with a ratio of less

than 1:1 is considered "OverDrive". OD can normally be left ON

except when going up a gradual hill; the overdrive tends to not

give the engine enough power to maintain a steady speed. This may

cause the transmission to annoyingly "hunt" between 3rd and 4th gear.

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