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Egr Removal Question


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I've been doing a rebuild on a 90 model and when it came to putting the EGR stuff back on, I noticed my 88 had had the EGR removed, presumably by a previous owner for some reason, but he hadn't put a block-off plate over the port on the head where it would bolt on to. Would this cause any problems with the running of the car?

The car itself tends to run like crap when it's cold. It's an auto and when you first drive it from cold, under acceleration it almost slows to a stop and then suddenly there's a burst of revs, but the car is still very sluggish. It runs like this till it gets warmed up a bit and even then it seems to be lacking in a LOT of acceleration compared to my manual Supra. The car seems to rev up but the speed is not as much as it seems that it 'should' be.

Any ideas?

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Thats not good. If its the exhaust side then your going to be having fumes entering your engine bay. If its the throttle body side your going to be losing lots of air pressure so your engine will be running crap - hence like you said your engine is running crap.

I'd get a plate on there asap :thumbsup:

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There are three ports on the head, one on the inlet manifold.

On the head, only the rear port needs blocking off (back of the head, drivers side) the port on the passenger side on the side of the block right at the back does not need capping, -only for asthetic purposes. obviously the one on the inlet manifold does!!! (if you look at the back of the stock engine there is a cover that covers the rear two ports, this is the EGR cooler, and runs the hot gas along the back of the head, then back into it, it travels through 90 degrees and pops out again on the side.....

Hard to describe!!

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