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Another Newbie With Intelligent Questions - As If

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Hi all,

A newbie here, Les is the name.

I hope you can help me with some advice, even though I might be in the wrong place.

Me, a Londoner living in Spain & soon to move over to Ireland. Just in the process of buying my nice new Yaris. Actually, my 1st car :) So please forgive any stupid questions I may ask.

I still have my residence permit for Spain & although going between England, Ireland & Spain, in this year, won't be making the final move (to Ireland) yet. Don't worry, I'll get to the point soon :D

So, with my Spanish car (way cheaper than buying in Ireland) & Spanish insurance quote 900€ cheaper than the Irish quote - yes, really!!! I'm now thinking of all those rules & regs that I need to use the car in Ireland & England.

I know about the headlights, although I don't know what is the best option. Whether to go for the temporary stick-on reflectors or what? Can a realignment be done or does the whole reflector housing need to be changed? And then changed back on my return journeys. Sounds expensive :(

What other changes will I need, for this car that will be a tourist car while I keep the Spanish permit & afterwards, when I move, should I decide to keep with the left hand drive?

Also, as a tourist car, do I have to pay any official taxes or whatever? Incl road tax?

This is the model I'm getting:

Webpage - excuse the Spanish

A 5 door 1.4 diesel with fog lights, which was not actually available in Ireland, the last time I looked.

Cheers in advance, Les

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Welcome Les!

Always nice to see another newbie on the forums! Congrats on the new car too!

Fraid I dont know the answers to your questions - but if you ever want a name for your P&J gimme a shout! :lol:

The guys here are great and very helpful and shall be along shortly to help! :thumbsup:

Enjoy the TOC experience!



PS - Alright for some - living in Spain - the weather here horrible at the moment! So dreary and dank.... :rolleyes: Typical British Weather!

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Hi les,

Hi and welcome to the club, hopefully this may help there are a few scenario’s involved if you want to move to Ireland and stay.

1. if you own the car and you have the car registered, insured and you can prove that you have lived in the country that the car has being registered for more than 6 month then after you bring the car into Ireland and wait for a period of 6 month then the car will not be liable for import TAX. The only thing you will have to pay is for normal road taxes which are €292 for the 1.4 engines plus normal insurance. When your car is still registered on Spanish plates and the insurance in Spain allow you to drive and be insured to drive the car outside Spain then for the first 6 months its ok to drive the car in Ireland but when the car is registered on Irish plated then the car will have to be insured by an Irish insurance company. If all this is in order then the only problem you will have is the car will be a left hand drive.

2. if you have not owned the car for more than 6 months or cannot prove that you have owned the car in Spain then you will be liable for import duty which 22.5% of the value and they decide what the value of the car is, they include all extra fitted to the car, on a normal new yaris D4D the VRT is €3700. So it’s best for you to be able to prove the car and you have being in Spain for 6 month.

3. now there is one other thing that you might like to know, if you where 100% sure that you were going to move to Ireland, you can buy a car here and not pay and TAX on it and import it to Spain and pay the TAX in Spain on the car which should work out to cost you the same. The advantage to this is when you come to Ireland it will be a right hand drive and being an Irish spec will be higher value than a left hand drive Spanish car. I could supply a New Yaris D4D 5 door less the VRT and tax for €12240, which you could import to Spain and pay the necessaries Spanish taxes and keep it over there for 6 months

Irish spec D4D Yaris can be seen on Toyota Ireland

so now after all that what part of my island are ya moving to? if ya have any other questions just ask and we will try and help best of luck and hope it all works out for ya.


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Cheers Em, glad to be here :D

If I can smuggle out some sun for you, maybe we could do a deal for some buckets of rain.

Sounds good??? :thumbsup:

Well Robbie, some bits to think about there, but still getting car here - sorry. Sounds like a nice price though. Pity I only looked at the official site with their €18,465, but then keeping it here is not possible now.

Need to take stuff over from this end, this time. Plus I need the advantage on the roads as the drivers here are all crazy & have no concept of safe driving. In Ireland the sh**heads on the roads are in the minority, but here .....

Still need to find out about those changes to the car to have it legal on Irish & English roads.


Thanks again in advance, Les

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