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Running Power Lead Through To Passenger Comp

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Hi all, I need to run a power lead through from the Battery to the passenger compartment on my ae111, I have had the bonnet up to look for any available ways through (i.e grommits already running cables through) but there seems to be a distinct lack of them, all i can see is pipework. I would rather not have to drill one through as i would like to make a nice tidy job of it, there must be someone here who has done this? a gentle nudge in the right direction would be very much appreciated. cheers, Tim

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I just had this problem last week and was held up for a while before I could find a way trough. On my last corolla there was a big grommet that is used but and this car as with all G6R's the air con has the pipes using the space. I finally got the cable in beside one of the cables for the heater controls. Its just under and to the left of where the strut brace is bolted in the middle. Just poke a hole in the grommet for the cable and push your power wire trough. It will emerge in the driver footwell above the clutch pedal. From there a just tuked it inside the carpet and ran it down the centre of the car under the carpet and up under the rear seat. Hope this helps

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