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Celica Auto Gearbox

Phil Bialick

Does anyone know what the red button is for near the gearstick on auto gearbox  

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  1. 1. Does anyone know what the red button is for near the gearstick on auto gearbox

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I always thought it was so you could move the gearstick out of park while the engine is turned off...

Why would you wanna do that??

If the car is broken down, or not starting and needs moving! (I.e. onto recovery trailer)

The amount of timses people ask that question, be it celicas, supras, mr2s, soarers..... :rolleyes:

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Automatic Gearbox Operation.

On the gear lever you get an O/D button (a light should also come up on the dash), this is your extra gear, it like an electronic 4th gear. If you need more power and revs to overtake, flick the switch and kick it down and go like the wind .

The ECT switch on the console gives the gearbox two driving styles, one is for fast enthusiastic driving, the other for economical driving (or winter driving).

In NORMAL setting the gearbox will change up gear a little slower and in Power mode, it will kick down right up to the red line if you keep your foot to the floor.

For everyday driving keep the ECT switch set to NORMAL and the O/D switch left on.

Last thought for you, the Red button on the console in japanese , just lets you take the vehicle out of park ,when the keys are out of the ignition :) .

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