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Faulty Satnav


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My Avensis suffered a rather severe blow to the nearside rear quarter. The bodywork has been repaired but the satnav (TNS 200) is sick.

Initially I thought it was OK, but the first time I used it in earnest it was frequently re calculating the route and generally not responding properly, so much so that it was quite useless. The repair garage checked further and noticed that the satnav unit box cover had been slightly dented in the accident and replaced it with a new one. That didn't fix it either. They then noticed that the CD had a very slight radial scratch on it (actually there were two parallel scratches) so they replaced that too.

Its responding better now, but its still not right. It seems that its lagging behind. For example: if I set it to guide me home, it tells me that in 400 yards there is a right turn but then doesn't tell me "right turn coming up". After I've turned right it tells me the right turn is coming up, and when I've parked in the driveway it tells me I'm in the next street and my destination is ahead.

So, both the unit in the boot and the CD have been replaced, and there is still a problem. I've even tried telling it I've changed tyres but Its still not responding like it used to. Any ideas please?

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