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Washed And Waxed !


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Cheers Guys :thumbsup: :group-cuddles:

Just wanted to get a few pics up before i get my Border kit on, which should be here any time now !! (cant wait !)

Very nice...! Looks a minta :thumbsup:


p.s. when can i bring my car down so you can get it looking as clean as yours :D

Probably not as clean as it looks (dirt wise). haha, But she is pretty mint . Cheers !havent done the inside either today.....cheated ! :rolleyes:

sweet!!!!! what wheels do u have and have u got spacers at the rear ??

The Wheels were on the car when i got it, they are 17" and are made by a company called "Matrix" (Yeah, ive never heard of them either!)

I dont have spacers, but think the rears have a different offset!

Ill be selling them soon (no tires) as im after a set of Konig Graphite Holes for her ! But the fronts are curbed to f#@k, as the last driver obviously got his licnece off ebay, and couldnt drive for s#@t !! ha. :lol:

The car was sittin up like a t#@t when i got her, but now ive put Eibach Springs on (the -45mm kit) and now that really sets her off!


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:help: I have only last week purchased my brand new MR2 ..Lovely...it is in chili red....as i have never owned a convertable before how do i wash my car....Can i wash it hood down (be careful water and soap suds dont go in car ) or do i always wash it with hood up? I know this might sound a stupid question..but its better asking fellow MR2"s on this forum than knocking on a neighbours door ..now that would be silly....
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It looks really nice  :thumbsup:

But i think it could do with clear lenses on the front instead of orange ones , they look ten times better  ;)

Yeah I know - clears are much better !

Just time and money, as always.

When my Border kit comes (ordered) i am having clear front sides (to get), also having my side intake centre bars removed (rico - when is send em, cheers!), and really want new wheels too.

But have got to fit my ecu (arrived), and get my boost controller in (to arrive) so it can be mapped up !! - so much to do - so little time !!!

That the imediate list of to-do's any ways !

Thanks for the good comments ! :thumbsup:

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