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4afe Efi Mod !


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Hi guys...

It has been a long time without coming here to the forum but i hope to "stay" now

Now the question is...anyone already tried this ?

Any info about someone who tried?

Gains? Problems?

btw i ordered this induction kit in portugal, anyone try it already? seems nice cuzz brings the place to fit the air sensor like the stock one...

Sorry for the bad english once more :wacko: ...

Thks in advance! :thumbsup:

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I haven't had experience of this particular mod, but have experience with EFI tuning in general.

I can see the main benefit of this mod will be to slightly richen your mixture once you have your new (and hopefully less restrictive!) air filter in place. However, I would suspect that the factory sensors would do a pretty good job of measuring the increased airflow and lower temperature of the air (if you choose a nice place for the filter), and subsequently give you the right mixture, based on the factory tables in the ECU. But, it would be nice to have that bit of adjustablilty just incase!

The reasons against this mod would be that it is from what I gather adjusting the whole fuel map bulk rich, which is not such a good thing - although you may need extra fuelling at a certain rpm range, due to modifications it will run too rich in other areas, unless you are constantly changing the potentiometer!

If you modified you intake, exhaust and perhaps added some different cams, you definately would need to re-map to take full advantage of these. Obviously an aftermarket computer is the best for this, but overkill in my opinion. What would be ideal is a fuel interceptor unit which although using a similar method to alter the fuelling as the mod you mentioned, constantly changes these parameters based on throttle position and RPM. These are still quite expensive, but if you aren't afraid of the DIY route you can make your own from a kit.

Autospeed/Jaycar in Australia market one, they come with full instructions for assembly. Works out at about AUS$160 for the adjuster and the programmer. So depending on the exchange rate, could work out cheap!

It is not absolutely necessary to adjust or 're-map' your fuelling when you modify an EFI engine, but to really make the best of your hard work/money then it's what you should do.

Good luck with you new filter!


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1st off all thks for the replies :thumbsup: ...

About the efi mod, you're correct james, what the mod do is cheating the ecu by giving the wrong value of fuel/air...

Dunno if i am going to try it, i will install the induction kit tomorrow then i will give feedback about it...

Thks once more :bye:

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General view of the induction kit.

The air sensor of the original filter fit perfectly on this new one (left on the filter)

The air conduct is at the bottom of the pic


air conduct at the front of the car...under the front bumper...doesn't seems from the picture but u can't see the air entrance without going under the car ;)


I'm thinking of making a homemade "box" to involve the filter to only get air from the tube what do u think guys?

p-s - yeah i know i need new tyres toyo proxys 205/55/15 on the way...

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