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Celica St183 4ws Fuse


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May I ask you for help in finding a 4ws related fuse at st183. Probby the docs you have can shed some light onto this "greyish area"

Friend of mine happend to have a st183 and was faced with a 4ws red light.

He've got code 32 and start to dig it out. Proved back-up motor run fine, find a relay RLY2 which supposed to source BM and see no power on it.

The question is where to find a fuse RLY2 powered via? The only 40A fuse labeled 4ws in the box under the bonnet is OK and as if powering MAIN motor NOT backup one. We are completely frustrated.. Where it can be found?

Thanks in advance, Transee (Irkutsk, Russia)

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You might already have looked here :



To be true info at mentioned above web-resource describing toyota 4ws operation is COMPLETELY wrong. Beleive me it's nothing even close to the real case. There are three types of Toyota 4ws and you can get NOTHING about any of them out of this so called FAQ. AFAIK the only way to see how 4ws box used in st183 Celicas running for real is to see AVI file we prepared with friend of mine. Download http://nika.irk.ru/4ws/4WS.ZIP unzip it and see.

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