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Filler Primer Paint


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Is "Filler Primer" as sold in Halfords:

a. For priming over filler

b. A thicker Primer which fills minor scratches etc

I stood in Halfords for about 10 minutes trying to work out which it did! Even asked but they didn't know :rolleyes:

It's a spray can of yellow coloured spray if that helps :thumbsup:

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Are you sure? That is the answer I wanted!

And can it be painted directly on to bare metal?

I've been using some zinc based primer (with rust repellant) on the bare metal which seems to have been working well, wasn't sure if I should spray first with the zinc stuff, then spray this filler stuff if needed - or just use the filler stuff?

Just to make sure it wasn't the first:

Do you even need primer on filler? Or do you just spray straight on to it??

Cheers :thumbsup:

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Yes, a little seems to be turning into a lot! I'm trying to keep it all original which is proving hard!

I've got it fully stripped down, and I'm going to fully respray it. I've done a bit of spraying before, but normally with the compressor and tins of paint. The compressor seems a bit of an overkill for parts which are only 2 inches big so I decided to get some cans.

i did spray one bit on my Celica though the other day! Both Windscreen wiper arms had a bit of rust at the bottom and I could see them straight from the window! I figured it would be good practice so I took them off , rubbed them down treated the metal with rust killer and sprayed them. They've been on for 3 weeks so far and look spot on!

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Filler primer is very similar to High Build Primer.

It is a very thick primer used to fill small scratches etc caused by sanding in the preparation stages of painting. Also, it is much easier to rub down and get smooth.


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