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i have just bought myself a lucida 2.2TDdeisel :D

eight weeks on my head gaskit has gone :censor: (symtoms are smell of antifreeze out of exaust and pressure build up in water tank) i have been in contact with our local toyota dealer they cannot help as it is an inport they gave me a number of a company that would be able to help.

they have quoted me £2500 :eek::crybaby: they have informed me that the head is cracked and this is a common fault with these models due to the fact that the speed limit in japan is max 60mph and the climate is also a factor is the reasoning behind the fault.

he has informed me that toyota have manufactured a new head to combat the problem. please could anyone out there tell me if they have had this happen to them and if so, how much, did it fix the problem,

please can anyone help cheers

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