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Diesel Engines

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Hey guys! :)

A couple of days ago, I've been talking with a cousin of mine and an Opel salesman, and he told us something we've also heard about from a mechanic, is that, some Toyota D4D engines are really from the PSA group, because something about EU pollution laws and some sort of other probs... :blink:

is this true??...

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Toyotas previous diesel engine in the older Corolla (before the D-4D was introduced) was a Peugeot engine, but as far as I know, the D-4D is Toyota through and through. The Peugeot engine was a bit naff, so Toyota went about building their own and the D-4D was born.

Fab engine it is too, if we do say so ourselves! :thumbsup:

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the yaris d4d diesel is one of the best small engines.Its developed by toyota and sold to bmw for the mini.it has a chain drive for cam belt.Just bought one -t3 5 door in red for only £7995 from rrg toyota-pre reg but brand new.Anybody wants one e-mail me and I will give you details. :)

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