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right, my wheels are being exchanged for a new pair of the same but 16, what are the best measurements for this? I am currently running 17x7 super legs with 205/40/17 toyo t1r.

Will 16x7 with 195/45/16 still rub the arches? will the tire be wide enough to protect the wheel? if i do 205 again will this hit again?

Also, has anyone tried the parada 2s? i'm thinking of having them instead.

Thanks guys!

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If the car has been lowered, go for 195/45x16.. these shouldn't rub.. depending on how low the car is (30 - 40mm should be ok). 195/40x16 will be hard to find.. off the top of my head you can get Dunlop SP9000 (around £90).

Yokohama Parada 2's will stick to the road like s*** to a blanket, but are quite a soft compound, Toyo T1-s or T1-r's will give as good a grip, but could last you a bit longer... and there won't be too much difference in price (shop around, the net could be the cheapest option)

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