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Hi Lux


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:help: Im thinking about buying a hi lux.A few questions for all the owners on here

Does it have 4 or 5 gears? If it used to be 4 gears what year did it change?

When I go to look for one any bad points I should look out for?

THanks Guys when I bought my corolla this site was the one I found all the info from

Hope its the same again

Phil :bookworm: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Unless your going for a realy early model it will be 5 speed (manual), think they changed early 80s.

Rust and knackered spring must be the obvious things to look out for, and if your going for a 4x4 check that it switches to 4wd ok, also ask when it had the cambelt changed.

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Hi Mat

Yes I bought a 1995 diesel 4x4.

Thinking of putting a v8 into it a friend did it to his and said its well worth it

If your 95 diesel is as gutless as mine then a V8 transplant is a good idea! What V8 are you thinking of SBC or Rover?

My other pickup is a Chevrolet 454SS (BBC 7.4L) but this tends to be a bit thirsty (4-10mpg)! :P

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The D4D came in 2002 along with them dropping the manual hubs. (No more standing in the mud!)

I am very happy they did not drop manual hubs here, automatics are not that strong and tend to do on/off when stuck on mud.

Anyone lifted trucks here?

My D4D has 3" body lift and 33" BFGs.


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