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A New Gt4


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Hi all. I have been the proud owner of a 91 GT4 imported all the way from Japan for about 2 months now. Had a couple of questions that I hoped I could get answered as I improve my knowledge.

I have had the oil changed, but the car came with no service history, has done 78000km. What should i be getting a mechanic to look at ? Are there any good books on self maintenance ( or even advice ) ?

It is of course limited, is this a homework job to de-limit or should i find someone professional? My level of skill....................... not good.

Have to say, I bought the car because a mate had one, and I will not look back. Drinks like a fish but does provide sooooo much fun. Any cheap simple first step upgrades beyond standard spec, I take any recommendations...... especially of reliable places to have work done on it in essex...... how do i tell if gold membership will save me money there.

Thanks all for your help. Heres to a long relationship. :D

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Induction Kit's and exhausts are always a good basic way to start and relatively cheap in terms of mods. Bhp gains are not that great but the car's responsiveness improves drastically.

On a turbo a piggyback chip such as the Unichip is a good way to get some decent bhp gains for the car, it depends what sort of modifcations you want to do.

Gold Discounts would cater for exhaust, induction, chip, tinting, alloys, tyres, servicing, parts & labour so feel confident that you could save a good couple of bob...

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thanks for the reply, i knew there was a reason to buy such a car.

is it all toyota garages that give a discount ( specifically Hill of Bishops Stortford )??

also, if anyone knows if / how i can delimit myself my Bank manager will be very happy.

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Not all Dealers but a lot of them will give you discount on production of the Gold Memebrs Card which you'll get through the post if you join.

Most chips will de-limit the car, unichip will definately de-limit it....

NOt sure about your particular dealer but if he's not on the list just place the details and someone will be in touch with them and try and get them on board :)

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